In the End Poppies United Us

Father's Day, Poetry

Written by Kiernan Antares

June 17, 2020

One day I painted poppies

a field rich in hues

my heart did soar on flights

of fancy

purple yellow green and blue.


This painting hangs anchored

wide deep and high

prominent in our home

little did I realize then

the import pressing homage to hang ‘till I die.


These stellar blessings alight

in eyes that which to see

the happy stance

it does burn bright

a father daughter window for all eternity.

Poem inspired by Painting Stellar Blessings by Kiernan Antares (June 2016)
In honour of Kiernan’s father, WWII Vet Harold LeLacheur, who passed away July 9, 2019
Kiernan is a writer, poet and editor. She is also the Founder of the Inspired Writers Group, author of the novel Phoenix Star – An Adventure of the Spirit, and an award-winning artist. Her work has been licensed by Blue Angel Publishing and featured in Centerpoint Magazine, Indigo Sun Magazine, Journey of the Heart and other publications, also forthcoming in the Raconteur Literary Magazine. Kiernan is currently writing a book of poetry.

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