Written by Jack Pontes

June 9, 2020

Lanterns bend over the street

Dividing the night where people meet

Some in shadow

Some in light

Lanterns see everything in the night


A wanderer has fallen asleep

His bed is a grate where he will not weep

Some never wake

Some cannot wait

For the light of the lantern to break


A traveler admires from beneath

A skyscraper with a silver sheath

Some windows white

Some cells are black

Others a mirror

Reflecting the smokestack


Cabby’s come for customers

Evening reapers but solemn harvesters

Some come rude

Some seem sweeter

When paid by the meter


Flower vendors flock to bars

Where patrons park expensive cars

Some make a sale

Some sell a dozen

Roses for light lovers

Hearts rise in the oven


Patrollers crawl round the corner

Content to linger while the night grows older

Some so cold

Some so eager

To catch a thief or one more meagre


Junkies warm frozen hands

Yet freeze swollen veins

Some feel serene

Some are just tired

Of a high that lights as long as it’s wired


Love birds are sitting

On a park bench and hoping

Some stay together

Some will soon part

Their love will go missing

By lanterns in the dark


The rest. No! The most in number

Without a care in this world they slumber

Some in a dream

Some in a nightmare

Blinded by the light

That should make them aware


The devoted bend over their bed

Dividing the night in prayers; instead

All of them hope

All of them right

By the lantern in the mid of the night

Jack, a Fine Arts teacher for over 15 years, has written 4 musical theatre plays including, ‘Noah and the Ark’ staged in 2007. He has also written many social justice songs such as, ‘Hush Little Baby’, dedicated to the Peshawar Refugee Camp in Pakistan. Jack has also written children’s stories such as, ‘The Dragon Hunter’ which received a stellar review from Canadian novelist Makeda Silvera. Jack has also written many poems and lyric poems including, ‘The Bull Fight’, which was featured on Yahoo Glue and Humboldt, which was published in Raconteur Magazine.

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