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Illuminate is a new online journal exploring literature, visual art, and faith. We publish fiction, nonfiction, poetry, book reviews, and art, with an emphasis on exploring what it means to live fully alive. We are excited to receive your most recent and compelling unpublished works.

We welcome creative imaginings, rich, beautiful, thoughtful, or contemplative writings from both emerging and established writers on: Reading, the writing life, literature, mountain climbing, dance, photography, sports, under-water sea diving, travel, artistic passions, history, photography… as well as stories of faith, living in purpose, and growing in the Word. We are interested in what compels you to write or create art!

We welcome humour and playfulness, we welcome depth, we welcome engaging stories depicting life. We also welcome works that are honest, authentic, and digging into the ups and downs, the hard times, and the good times arising within this new world we find ourselves living in – where normal is no longer and we courageously seek to discover what is calling us higher and deeper.

submission guidelines

We are currently accepting submissions! Please read all relevant guidelines before submitting work.

  • We only accept previously unpublished work. We do accept simultaneous submissions (please notify us when you submit if the work is simultaneous). Please notify us right away if your work has been accepted elsewhere.
  • Submissions should use an easily readable font, such as Times New Roman or Garamond.
  • In the email subject line please include the call for submission title (if any), category, the title of the work you are submitting, and your name.
  • Files should be named in this manner: category-title-authorname.
  • Make sure the title, your name, and your contact information, especially your email address, are on the first page of the document, along with a word count for prose or line count for poetry.
  • Word count includes all words contained in the work including but not limited to titles, footnotes, introductions, etc.
  • Please include a short bio about yourself and your publication history along with your submission.
  • Please save your submission in a single .DOC, .DOCS, or .PDF file, and JPEG file for artwork.
  • Artists: Please use “ARTWORK – your name” in the subject line of the email. In the body of the email, please highlight a brief bio about yourself. If you have an Art Station, Deviant Art, Tumble, Instagram, or website portfolio, please provide us with a list so we may visit your work.If you do not have an online portfolio, you may send us your work directly. However, please ensure artwork is sent as a .PDF file. Any attachment of a different file type will be deleted. You must own all the right to all work you send.
  • Please refrain from using vulgar language or imagery, explicit or racist content.
  • Participants may submit up to three pieces. However, please only submit one piece at a time.





Illuminate Journal seeks fiction of literary merit that subscribes to our philosophy of pursuing truth and growth through the struggles and joys of our everyday lives.

Length: 500-1000 Words


Nonfiction includes memoir, biography, letters, humour writing, essay (including personal essay with an emotional arc), travel writing, and feature articles, enhanced by such elements as description, dramatic scenes, dialogue, and characterization.

Length: 500-1000 Words


We accept poetry in any form that engages the heart and mind, and with a good ear for the music of language.

Length: 40-750 words single-spaced only. Poems that continue onto a second page should include a note indicating continued with or without stanza break.

Book Reviews

We publish book reviews of literature, fiction, nonfiction. poetry, faith, and cultural issues that broadens our perspectives. We want to help readers decide if they want to read this book or not. Your review should address if the book is well written, why you care about the topic, if it left you pondering questions, if so what? Keep it informative and cite examples or quotes.

Length: Up to 750 Words for single-title reviews, longer for more works


We seek original artwork such as paintings, digital art, and photography that represents an emphasis on exploring what it means to live fully alive. Color artwork is preferred, although black and white that wows will also be considered.

Image must be available in 300dpi

Hope Stories

We are pleased to accept inspiring true stories of hope shining a light on acts of faith and good works in the world. Stories of people who have overcome obstacles and found a new way forward. Photos and photo essays are welcomed.

Length: 500-1000 Words

how to submit

How to Submit

If you’ve read our guidelines above and are ready to submit your best work to Illuminate Journal, please send it by email to

Editorial Process

Selected pieces will be subject to editorial guidance, including minor cosmetic edits, and requests to the author for targeted edits. We will work with you through the whole process to ensure both parties come away happy with the final product.


Candidates warrant that the work they are submitting is an original and unpublished work written by them and that they own all rights to it. All copyright and publication rights remain with the writer at all times.

Response Times

We aim to make a decision, and inform you of this, within 45 days but this can fluctuate depending on how close we are to publication. If you do not receive a response within 60 days, feel free to contact us.

Accepted Work

Authors of accepted work will received a complimentary digital copy of the issue they are published in.