The Priceless Gift


Written by Luiz De Souza

July 9, 2020


The father thought about his family

About what was right

And about what was wrong

Every morning and night

And after midnight all night long.


The thoughts were so tender

Dreams about night and day

About kindness once in a while

About goodness that comes to stay

Filling the blanks of a lifetime’s file.


A certain day as a good parent

The father thought about the strength

Of the love coming from his heart

And also about the length

Of the kind love never set apart.


From his big heart the father

Always expected the best for his child

And also for his lovely wife

Both living in this world, so wild

But sharing a kind life.


His daughter, love of his life

Was always his little girl and love

Tender like the blue sky

Flying with white wings like a dove

Floating always higher and higher.


His wife, the special gift of his life

A smiling face to share the best days

Good moments like flowers

In fields along their ways

And along their special hours.



The moments can go on




He could walk alone.


In stores, lakes, the shores



And delays

At front doors.


There he was all the time

To see

The sea


Looking for prime.


At a store he observed

and found


The profound

Love that a mother deserved.


Two statues sharing love

Side by side

With pride

Of a tide

Sharing the love from above.


A mother and a child


The nice

And fair price

Of a love before so mild.



He bought the priceless gift

Leaving the store with a smile

Two statues together for a while

Now going to another drift

Ready to lift

Another love and style.


A happy mother, with a smile

To her daughter, in every trace,

In every moment, every space

Like two hearts beating for a while

Like a kind style

Of love brightening every face.


The father, with satisfaction,

Could express his tender heart

Taking his tears apart

With his lovely action

A tender reaction

Expressed since the start.


The satisfaction was clear

Father, mother and child

Expressing love, acting so mild

A love so tender, so near

And without any fear

All the family smiled.


It was a priceless gift

And a moment never lived before

A family joined more and more

And the occasion was so swift

Like a nice rock rift

Touched by the waters of a shore.


The statues remained still

On the shelf to remember the union

Of a family living the communion

Just like the father’s will

A special skill

Memory of an eternal reunion.

Luiz De Souza has been writing since he was fourteen years old. He has won several poetry contest prizes, including a 1st place position. He has books of tales, poems, and novels in English and Portuguese. Some of these are published and available on Kindle.

Written by Luiz De Souza

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