Where I’m From


Written by Kiernan Antares

June 9, 2020

I am from under a crab-apple tree,

from tangy tart and pink-purple blossoms.

I am from the basement,

weaving spotted spiders and hidden candy bar wrappers.

I am from safety,

and fear

kept swallowed and chewed,

broken and bruised.


I am from torment and gunfire,

valour and strength.

I am from protection,

and throttled regrets.

I am from jingle bell shadows,

butter tarts and fudge,

and silver dollar coins.


I am from driftwood,

birdsong and smoky booze,

from fishing boats, islands,

and crossing seas.


I am from cast outs and typing pools,

from Be quiet!

Be a pilot!

Conquer the world!

and What are you doing,



But I am also from so much more—

than the eye can see

the heart can remember

and the mind can fathom.


For down the way was a sanctuary

where I once visited,

glory and grace entered me there.

Shrouded in dreams,

would one day reveal.


I am from those moments—

So tender and true—

a seedpod—

of moxie and magnolias

     bursting in belonging.

Kiernan is a writer, poet and editor. She is also the Founder of the Inspired Writers Group, author of the novel Phoenix Star – An Adventure of the Spirit, and an award-winning artist. Her work has been licensed by Blue Angel Publishing and featured in Centerpoint Magazine, Indigo Sun Magazine, Journey of the Heart and other publications, also forthcoming in the Raconteur Literary Magazine. Kiernan is currently writing a book of poetry. To learn more about Kiernan visit her website.

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