Jacob’s Ladder

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Written by Jack Pontes

May 21, 2020


Brother Jacob tell me your dreams

The one where you saw; he who redeems

Us from this dust; we call the earth

That same soil where your kindred give birth


To many more dreamers like me and my pen

Who point to the stone where he lay and just then

Proclaim that we’re hopeless to reach this very place

Less we have been blessed as with Jacob’s race


In visions of stairways that also transport

Angels the servants of light back and forth

From the Lord of our hope and desire while here

Spread out to the north and south and near


That cold rock that gave you such rest and repose

From all of your troubles, fiends, and foes

Who make the slab cold and shaped it into

A tool to crush dreams and visions of you


Ascending the ladder all golden and bright

A beacon of light dividing the night

And parting all evil; right from the left

To stand trial for their lies and unthinkable theft


Of souls who sin, but still dream

A life that is lighter than clouds and jet streams

Rising to heaven escaping the dirt

Never to weep or get angry and hurt


Never to stumble, or slip and fall

Down stairways and ladders or anything tall

Enough to see saints and in every part

Holy creation, science, and art


Fused to design just such a means

To escape all our troublesome, tiresome scenes

Devised by us in our sinful desire

To be like gods in houses of fire


With spiral staircases and iron gates

To shun the world and all that he hates

And keep the land which belongs to Him

Who gave it to Jacob and all of his kin


Descendants and I who beg to know

Where is this place that I should go?

To rest my very weary soul

And my head from out its hole

Jack, a Fine Arts teacher for over 15 years, has written 4 musical theatre plays including, ‘Noah and the Ark’ staged in 2007. He has also written many social justice songs such as, ‘Hush Little Baby’, dedicated to the Peshawar Refugee Camp in Pakistan. Jack has also written children’s stories such as, ‘The Dragon Hunter’ which received a stellar review from Canadian novelist Makeda Silvera. Jack has also written many poems and lyric poems including, ‘The Bull Fight’, which was featured on Yahoo Glue and Humboldt, which was published in Raconteur Magazine.

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